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Thank you all for your support, we couldn't have passed this initiative without you. The students have spoken: long live the Wisconsin Union!

Preserving the Past. Building the Future.

Since its very founding in 1907 the Wisconsin Union has embodied the heart and soul of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Student Union Initiative will ensure a future for the Union and give current students the once in a lifetime chance to leave a lasting legacy on the campus they love.


Memorial Union, opened in 1929, when there
were 8,000 students on campus


Union South, built in 1971, when there
were 30,000 UW-Madison students.

The Student Union Initiative will:

  • Bring the Memorial Union up to current safety and accessibility codes while preserving and enhancing the building's historic ambiance.
  • Build a new south campus union designed to attract students, meet the campus' growing needs, and reflect the future in green technology and building materials.
  • Give students control over every aspect of the project and ownership of the final results.

Fee reduced from $96 to $48 per semester for the first two years.
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